Fugitive turns himself in after four decades on the run

Fugitive Turns Himself In After Four Decades On The Run
Fugitive Turns Himself In After Four Decades On The Run

A fugitive who has been on the run for more than 40 years after escaping from prison has turned himself in.

This is video from WTVQ of Clarence David Moore. He serving time at a North Carolina prison for larceny when he escaped in may of 1971 at 23-years-old. He's now 66 and living in Kentucky, but he decided he was done running from police this week.

Police say they received a phone call from Moore on Monday. He told deputies that he was a fugitive and explained his story. After investigators verified his claims, they discovered that the 66-year-old was telling the truth, went to his home and arrested him.

"You can't make this up. It's unreal... every day is different in the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. Every day's an adventure."

Officials say Moore is suffering from several ailments and cannot walk on his own. He told investigators he hasn't be able to get medical treatment because he doesn't have any official forms of identification. He gave himself up so that he could finally get treatment.

Now it will be up to prosecutors in North Carolina to decide whether to pursue extradition in Moore's case.
Last year another fugitive hiding in Kentucky also turned himself in because of health reasons.

Authorities say Robert Vick walked out of a minimum security prison in Lexington Sunday and the following afternoon gave himself up because it was just too cold outside. Cold case closed.

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