Comparing Bryan Price's tirade to epic sports rants throughout history


With seven losses in the past eight games, Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price had apparently reached a breaking point. A seemingly innocent report that catcher Devin Mesoraco did not travel with the team to St. Louis over the weekend ended up setting off the powder keg.

This report led Price to go on a legendary tirade, unleashing 77 f-words in just five and a half minutes, or one every 4.33 seconds (h/t SB Nation for the calculations).

Here's a sample of Price's rant:

Price apparently took exception to the media reporting things about his team, which in his second season as manager shouldn't exactly be new to him. He seems to have a strange idea of what baseball reporter's jobs are, at one point telling them "your job isn't to sniff out every f-- little thing that is about the Reds and f-– put it out there for every other f-- guy to hear. It's not your job."

That's really going to disappoint some Cincinnati beat writers. They thought they had their jobs all figured out, but oh no, here comes Bryan Price to throw a wrench into things. Now they'll need to go back to covering parades.

Price's rant will immediately earn him a place in the pantheon of great sports rants. So how does it compare to some of the more memorable tirades in sports history?

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Reaction to Reds Rant Vs. Beat Writer
Reaction to Reds Rant Vs. Beat Writer

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