Carey Mulligan opens up about her marriage to Marcus Mumford to Vogue

In a new interview, Carey Mulligan is shedding some light on what her marriage is like to Marcus Mumford. The Oscar-nominated actress recently opened up about her private life with the rocker.

"Like anyone, you try and split your time evenly," she told Vogue about her marriage to the Mumford & Sons frontman. "Marcus is the only thing that's mine that I can keep away, so I try to."

While Mulligan didn't eleborate too much about her husband, Sienna Miller opened up a bit more about what makes them such a great couple.

"They both come from very solid families and have a real sense of the life they want to live," she said in the profile. "Their normalcy. They have chickens and a dog, and roasts and friends, jams by campfires. It's sort of idyllic. Marcus can headline Glastonbury and Carey can be nominated for however many Oscars, and then they come back to their farm, and they're in big woolly jumpers and funny hats, raising piglets. It's an amazing balance they've managed to strike. I can't wait for a little baby to come along."

The pair married in 2012 and Miller also shared some insider details about their wedding day, noting that it was"full of love, like you hope a wedding would be."

This is the latest little bit of insight into the Mulligan-Mumford household. Earlier this month, Mumford spoke to Billboard about his marriage to the actress. "I feel a bit more like a grown-up, but a lot of the time I don't really feel like a grown-up," he said. "That's marriage to me."

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