Top 5 free personal finance apps

Keep Your Finances Fresh With the Mint App

Keeping up to date with your finances can take up quite alot of time. Luckily, there are apps out there that can act as your very own personal finance advisors! Here are our top 5 personal finance apps that you should incorporate in your financial routine.

1. Mint: Securely input all of your financial imformation into one place. Add accounts, cards, bills to see what you have and exactly what you owe. Mint will help you track your spending patterns, investments and more.

Available for: Web, IOS, Android.

2. Billgaurd: Protect yourself against grey charges such as hiden fees, billing errors, scams and credit card fraud. Verify and flag charges to your accounts directly through the app. The app also functions a a dashbaord where you can track your spending patterns.

Available for: Web, IOS.

3. SavedPlus: Save money everytime you spend by connecting all of your accounts to SavedPlus and select the percentage of every purchase you'd like to save. Everytime you buy something, a dollar value will be transferred to your savings account.

Available for: Web, IOS, Android.

4. FlexScore: Flexscore assigns you a ranking based on an assesment of your financial health. You can compare your score to your peers. The site will show you ways to improve your score, such as paying off debt, setting up recurring deposits, or increasing 401(k) contributions.

Available for: Web.

5. Guide Financial: Every week, Guide Financial will scan your transactions and send you a report on your expedentiures. This handy app will also send you personalized advice and send you coupons and deals based on your spending habits.

Available for: Web.

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