Tom Brady wishes Celtics luck with a weird photoshop

Tom Brady is coming off of a historic season that ended in a Super Bowl victory. However, the New England Patriots aren't the only team from the area who are trying to win a national title this year.

The Boston Celtics are squaring off against the Cleveland Cavaliers as the Eastern Conference playoffs begin. Brady thought the best way to wish his former team luck was to photoshop a ridiculously awkward photo of him in a Celtics uniform.

The picture is pretty hilarious. That goofy grin that features a Brady smile most definitely happened before he had braces is perfect. Not to mention, as Darren Rovell points out, that Brady is wearing an arm sleeve by Under Armour nine years before the company existed. Even if it isn't historically accurate, you have to make that endorsement money, don't you Tom?

Of course this throw back picture comes near the 15th anniversary of one of Brady's most memorable embarrassing photos from his more youthful days. Brady looks more athletic as a youth basketball player than he does on his NFL draft card.

His stoic appearance doesn't make up for the fact that his body appears to lack any sort of muscle. Fortunately for Brady, he has proved over the years that brute strength doesn't make a good quarterback in the NFL. A combination of hard work, making the correct reads, and disciplined decision making do.

As the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers series continues hopefully we see more and more photos from Brady's childhood days. This one sure gave me a laugh. So keep em' coming Tom. We all truly love them.

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