Hurricane committee removes 'Isis' from future hurricane names

Hurricane Committee Removes 'Isis' From Future Hurricane Names
Hurricane Committee Removes 'Isis' From Future Hurricane Names

In the next year's hurricane season, one hurricane you won't be hearing about is 'Isis'.

According to Reuters, the World Meteorological Organization or WMO has eliminated that name from the list of future hurricanes.

The decision was made in light of the activities by the terrorist organization ISIS.

For those who are wondering why Isis was on the list to begin with, the hurricane names are determined in advance and are recycled every six years.

'Isis' was on the Eastern North Pacific names list for 2016 with 23 others.

Depending on the number of storms, some names go unused. For instance, Hurricane Isis was a 2010 potential as well but wasn't used.

In 1998 however, Hurricane Isis did cause widespread damage.

The 2016 Isis spot has now been taken by Ivette.

A WMO spokesperson commented to Reuters, "Names are knocked off the list, which rotates every six years, if they are considered inappropriate if they caused too much damage and too much death."

Another name removed from the list is Odile that hit Mexico in 2014. It has been retired after it caused over $1 billion in damages and 11 fatalities.

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