Titanic deck chair sells for massive sum

Titanic Deck Chair Sells For $115K
Titanic Deck Chair Sells For $115K

The only time a chair is worth more than a Maserati is when it comes from the Titanic.

A simple deck chair that was pulled from the ship more than a century ago is considered one of the rarest collectibles. It just sold at an auction for $115,000 -- and it's too fragile to sit in.

In a press release, the auction house noted that the chair is "one of only a handful of fully provenanced and documented examples in existence."

The wooden chair sat on the first-class deck of the luxury liner in 1912. The Mackay-Bennett crew picked up half a dozen chairs floating in the ocean as it recovered some 300 bodies.

The Guardian reports the chair was given to a former crew member and has spent the last 15 years on display in a Titanic collector's home.

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