LIVE: Lilly for Target

By: Pink Bubbly

Target Reveals Lilly Pulitzer Preppy Designs

If you are like most Lilly lovers across America, you have been up for hours and are already on your second cup of coffee with hours of online and in-store shopping behind you. The Lilly Pulitzer collection for Target made its grand debut this morning, and in true Lilly style, the website crashed from traffic overload and stores were wiped out in mere minutes. Here is my grand wishlist that I started with...and I secured ONE of these items:

Photo Credit: Pink Bubbly

Shop here if you're lucky enough to still have your size in stock, and let me know what loot you get! Good luck, Lilly lovers!

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Lilly for Target:

Target x Lilly
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LIVE: Lilly for Target

When you own this #lillyfortarget beach chair and tote, you'll be living for every moment you can kick back and soak up the sun. Bring both home 4/19.

Pink pineapple chevron bikini & floral button down? That's the ultimate fresh and fun print combo. Get both 4/19. #lillyfortarget
Sun up to sun down, this #lillyfortarget tropical print shift dress' attendance is required at every summer soirée. Collection launches 4/19-see you there!
Brunches, lunches, dinners and late night suppers al fresco; these #lillyfortarget porcelain plates are a must for hosting all of your social circles this summer. Make them yours 4/19.
And the beauty bags... it's not even worth trying to resist. So. Chic. Get them all when #lillyfortarget launches 4/19.
Go the distance with a strapless maxi and take this floral #lillyfortarget print to the beach or streets. Make it yours 4/19.
This collection is so clutch. #LillyforTarget available 4/19.

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