Shocking posts by a Memphis child on social media

Boy Posts Shocking Instagram Photos Of Himself With Guns & Drugs
Boy Posts Shocking Instagram Photos Of Himself With Guns & Drugs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Guns, gang signs and drugs.

That was what WREG found all over one Memphis child's social media accounts.

The boy, who appeared to be very young, had thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

There was even a video of him smoking marijuana; it went viral with more than 1 million views.

WREG spoke with Orrden Williams about it, the man who was victimized by a mob of teens at the BP.

He said this highlights everything that is wrong with how some in this community are raising children.

The child looked like he was not even a teenager yet, but his Twitter and Instagram accounts look like those of a hardened criminal.

"What he's doing on here is something that he's going to bring upon society one day," Williams said looking at the child's posts. "It's just inevitable."

The boy did not post his name or age but said he lived in Memphis.

WREG has hidden his account names and blurred his face.

Williams said the pictures clearly showed the child does not care about consequences.

"He's not thinking about it on the other side. Okay, what if I shoot this gun? What's going to happen? I'll tell you what's going to happen. Somebody's going to shoot back," he said.

In some pictures and videos, the boy appeared alongside adults.

Williams said troubled kids are often acting out, because of the environment they were raised in.

"He has male influences," Williams guessed. "It's just the wrong kind. This isn't a young man whose not around older males. This is a young man whose around older males who are doing wrong."

The child also made obscene comments and threats on his accounts to people who questioned his age or asked where his parents were.

Regardless, Williams said questioning behavior like that is exactly what our city should be doing.

"All it takes is the right influence, and all this can change. So that's a wake-up Memphis call right there," he said.

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