Two baby gorillas make their adorable debut at Bronx Zoo

Two Baby Gorillas Make Their Adorable Debut at Bronx Zoo
Two Baby Gorillas Make Their Adorable Debut at Bronx Zoo

Two adorable baby gorillas made their public debut at The Bronx Zoo after being born in January.

It was the first time they were allowed outside with their moms. The gender of the babies hasn't been revealed yet but they both share the same dad Ernie who is 32 years old but different moms, Layla and Kumi, who are both 16-years-old.

Because of their young age, the two baby gorillas are not always on display at The Bronx Zoo with appearances depend on the weather and temperature conditions.

The moms have been spending time playing with their three-month-old cuties that were only born 48 hours a part. The babies love to hitch a rides on their mom's back.

They snuggle up together for some cuddle time and even be carried grasping on to their arm. But they also love playing some active games.

The baby gorillas weighed only four pounds at birth but will eventually grow to more than 400 pounds as adults.

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The two newbies are Western Lowland Gorillas and are endangered in the wild.

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