Millions of bees freed after truck overturns on Washington highway

Millions of Bees Spilled on Washington Highway
Millions of Bees Spilled on Washington Highway

A semi truck carrying millions of live honeybees overturned on a Washington highway scattering the flying insects in every direction.

The truck was reportedly merging onto northbound I-5 in Lynnwood, Washington early Friday when it tipped and let the buzzing creatures loose.

Beekeepers from Belleville Honey, the company that owns the bees, were at the scene of the accident using smoke to try to calm and recapture the bees.

Local journalists covering the accident caught some of the bees' discontent.

"I haven't gotten stung yet," KIRO Reporter Jeff DuBois said during his report. "But I'm just waiting. I know it's going to happen. Damion behind the camera, he's been stung about 20 times, he says. Take a look at this on my shoulder. Ay, ay, ay. They're flying all over the place."

According to local reports each of the boxes on the truck contained about 5,000 bees.

Luckily, many of the bees were content to stay in those boxes immediately after the crash - reportedly continuing to produce honey and protect their queen.

As KIRO reports, beekeepers and firefighters were working against the clock to contain the bees as it was believed they would become more agitated when the sun came up. Some of those bees that were being too aggressive were killed by firefighters using a thick foam.

The driver of the truck was not injured in the accident. The semi was set to be towed from the highway Friday morning.