High school student's elaborate 'promposal' fail

High School Student's Elaborate 'Promposal' Fail
High School Student's Elaborate 'Promposal' Fail

A high school student's elaborate "promposal" didn't quite get the response he was looking for.

18-year-old Daniel Pena spent hours putting together the perfect way to ask his girlfriend, Alex, to the high school prom. He decided to place a number of signs along the road popping the question -- but the plan quickly took a turn.

The signs read, "Alex. Will. You. Marry. LOL Jk. Go To. Prom. With Me."

Unfortunately, Alex failed to connect that her boyfriend was behind the stunt and criticized the carefully planned proposal.

"That's a really s****y way to ask someone to prom" she said. But after realizing it was Daniel, she bursts into tears.

Alex later explained, "I couldn't read over half of the signs due to the environment and some people even ran over a few of them. I thought it was a bad way to ask someone because it wasn't correctly done, like he used flimsy poster board instead of like the foam poster board so thats why I couldn't read any of them."

The cringe-worthy moment was worth it; Alex said yes.

This isn't the only awkward promposal we've heard of recently. Last month, a 17-year-old Georgia student stole a family's goat to impress a girl. Apparently, he wanted to take a picture with the caption, "Will you goat to prom with me."

The teen was charged with livestock theft.

Watch the full promposal below:

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