High school seniors banned from prom for absences

High School Seniors Banned From Prom for Absences
High School Seniors Banned From Prom for Absences

Student Tiffany Miles told WCPO, "I walked up to buy my prom ticket and my name wasn't on the list."

That was one of the nearly 90 seniors at Ohio's Hamilton High School who, according to WCPO, is banned from prom due to unexcused absences.

Miles says, "I just think that it is unfair."

Hamilton High School has an entire "Prom Privilege Requirements" section on their website, saying starting on Jan. 5th, students "may not exceed more than 4 unexcused absences."

"The high school felt, you know, this might be a nice way to get the seniors to stay in school."

Cincinnati.com reports the Hamilton High School principal also sent out an email January 2nd explaining the new rules and guidelines -- but apparently not everyone was in the know.

Miles tells WCPO, "Most of our students that have planned on attending prom have already have already gotten their dresses and tuxes" -- and some don't think the punishment is necessary.

As one parent says, "They are on track to graduate. They have done what is expected of them."

Since the ban, a Facebook page dedicated to organizing a silent protest has been created. On this page, it's explained they're not questioning the policy but, rather, the "procedure and implementation."

Out of seniors banned, a school district spokeswoman told Cincinnati.com only one parent has complained to district officials so far.

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