Devoted fan of Kansas City Chiefs gets her dying wish

Kansas City Chiefs Superfan Gets Dying Wish

A devoted Kansas City Chiefs fan Betty Johnson was granted her dying wish just before her last breath. She wanted to see her favorite team one last time.

"They pulled through, sending Hall of Famer Nick Lowery," reports KSHB.

Johnson's granddaughter Autumn Barricks said: "We sang a prayer, and he was going to leave, and we noticed that she was no longer breathing. ... We believe that she was just waiting to say goodbye to her Chiefs."

One of Johnson'e daughters, Susan, told KCTV her mother was such a devoted fan that "her Chiefs were more important to her than her home."

Kansas City Chiefs superfan gets dying wish
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Devoted fan of Kansas City Chiefs gets her dying wish
24 Sep 1989: Kicker Nick Lowery of the Kansas City Chiefs looks on during a game against the San Diego Chargers at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, California. The Chargers won the game, 21-6.

Dwayne Bowe would give Betty a kiss at every Chiefs game she attended.

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Literally. Johnson lost her home in Kansas City so she could pay for her Chiefs season tickets, which she bought every year since 1986.

Known as "Grandma" by many of the Chiefs players, the 86-year-old would sit in the front row on the 45-yard line where former Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe would come give her a kiss at every game.

On Twitter, the Chiefs Ambassadors sent Johnson one last message: "Chiefs Kingdom will miss you Betty."

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