Woman finds her look-alike living an hour away

Woman Finds Stranger Who Looks Identical to Her

INSIDE EDITION -- Niahm Geaney was on a quest to find out if there was anyone else in the world that looked like her.

The 26-year-old from Ireland and two male friends took to social media to find their doppelgangers in a project they called "Twin Strangers." They gave themselves 28 days to find a match and low-and-behold, Geaney succeeded.

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Living just an hour away from her, she found out that 29-year-old Karen Branigan could pass as her twin.

Geaney told Daily Mail, "I was ridiculously nervous about how I would react to meeting someone who looks like me. For the entire duration of our encounter I pretty much stared at her. I couldn't get over her face, and some of the expressions she would pull, I would think to myself or say aloud, 'Oh my God, that's my face.'"

Strangers who look like twins
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Woman finds her look-alike living an hour away

Geaney already has two sisters and feels that Branigan looks more like her than her siblings do.

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As for Geaney's two friends who are also on a search for their doppelgangers, their journey is still ongoing.

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