Watch: Harry Connick Jr. clashes with an 'Idol' contestant

WATCH: Harry Connick Jr. Clashes With an 'Idol' Contestant
WATCH: Harry Connick Jr. Clashes With an 'Idol' Contestant

An icy moment between "American Idol" contestant Quentin Alexander and judge Harry Connick Jr. during Wednesday night's episode.

It all started after Quentin's first performance of the night, when he told host Ryan Seacrest he thought it was "whack" that two of his fellow contestants were in danger of being eliminated.

And Harry wasn't having any of it.

"Quentin, if it's that whack, then you can always go home. Because 'Idol' is paying a lot of money to give you this experience. And for you to say that to this hand that is feeding you right now, I think is highly disrespectful," said Harry Connick Jr. on "American Idol."

Now, Quentin had already headed backstage before Harry made that intense comment.

But he immediately came back onstage to confront the judges and explain what he meant.

"For my personal feelings, it sucks to see two people who I've grown to love go home. That's what I mean by it being wack. So I'm not disrespecting this competition," said Quentin Alexander.

You could pretty much feel the awkward tension in the auditorium radiating through your TV.

And poor Ryan was left to break the silence and get the ball rolling again. Ah, live television.

All "American Idol" fans could talk about after the episode was that rather uncomfortable confrontation.

A writer for Zap2it called the incident a "tantrum" on Quentin's part.

And several media outlets even dubbed it one of the show's most awkward moments ever.

But not everyone thought Quentin's rant was uncalled for.

As a writer for Bustle put it, "This outburst sliced a major hole in the Idol voting process and it's about time that a contestant spoke on this flaw and echoed the opinions that so many of the viewers this season have been thinking."

Regardless, Quentin's close pal Joey Cook was sent home during Wednesday night's show. To see who gets eliminated next, you can catch a new episode of "Idol" next week.

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