Two good Samaritans help homeless man find lost bank account

Two Good Samaritans Help Homeless Man Find Lost Bank Account
Two Good Samaritans Help Homeless Man Find Lost Bank Account

For three years, John Helinski has been homeless, sleeping on the streets of Tampa, Florida, because his identity had been stolen.

Helinski told WFTS, "I remember having a cardboard box and sleeping by the bus stop."

But Helinski's case worker and a local police officer recently got his identification back.

The two got Helinski a driver's license, social security card and his name. And with it, came his forgotten bank account with enough money to buy a house.

"We're both stunned. Not quite sure what to say."

This news spread quickly. Our partners at WFTS posted it to their Facebook page where it was shared over a thousand times.

The news even made its way over to the U.K., with headlineshighlighting that he now has enough money to buy permanent housing.

So, how can someone forget about a bank account? Well, in Helinski's case, possibly because his bank's name changed, which apparently caused some confusion.

Helinski told WFTS, "It was Landmark Bank then became Bank of America."

The exact amount Helinski had in the forgotten bank account hasn't been revealed, but WFTS reports his Social Security benefits have been growing for years.

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