'Storage Wars:' See the smokin' item that saved a bad buy

'Storage Wars:' See the Smokin' Item That Saved a Bad Buy
'Storage Wars:' See the Smokin' Item That Saved a Bad Buy

On a brand-new episode of "Storage Wars," one particularly valuable item saved a seemingly poor storage unit purchase from going up in smoke.

Enter Ivy's locker from Wednesday night. He scored it for a cool $50, but there was definitely a reason why none of the other bidders wanted to touch it with a ten-foot pole.

"Well, this is a disappointment to start it off. It's got a little bit of wire, some hair products. This box here'll get me about five bucks," said Ivy on "Storage Wars."

Nearly everything Ivy pulled from the unit was junk - a gross couch, old toys, some useless papers and wires.

Yeah, not exactly something to brag about. Ivy only found about $124 worth of items.

That is, until he unearthed this smokin' little piece buried in a suitcase.

"This is some kind of Oriental smoking device, I'd have to say," said Ivy.

Well, he was kind of right. After bringing the item to the Candy Bar Hookah Shoppe, Ivy discovered it was a hookah decorated with Persian artwork.

And the brand-new pipe turned out to be as valuable as it was beautiful.

"If I was a collector, I would give you $700 for it," said employee Justin.

"Woo, that's awesome!" said Ivy.

Awesome is right! And considering you can buy hookahs for as little as $11 on eBay, we'd say that was a pretty good find for Ivy there.

Who says you can't find a treasure in a pile of trash? Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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