Ryan Gosling dyes his hair black and we all mourn

Ryan Gosling's Shocking New Dark Brown Hair -- Why Did He Dye It?!

Not long ago, it was Kim Kardashian who shed her blonde look for more brunette pastures, and now it appears Ryan Gosling is the latest star to play games with our hearts through a hair dye bottle.

The 34-year-old actor was on-set of his new movie The Big Short in New Orleans, La. when he debuted the darker hair.

NEWS: Kim Kardashian Goes Back To Brunette: In Memoriam of Her Platinum Blonde Hair

A lot of people are having trouble with this.

It just seemed like him and blond were meant to be. But just remember, his black hair, like all things, is temporary. Plus, he still has our hearts no matter what.

Now, a look back at Ryan in happier, blonder times at age 18.

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