Police department wins best uniforms in the nation

Police Department Wins Best Uniforms In The Nation
Police Department Wins Best Uniforms In The Nation

WYLIE, TX – Stunning buttons, practical velcro pockets and the badge that always gets your attention. This spring's collection from Wylie PD is really turning heads.

We're serious. The Wylie Police Department's new uniforms were just named tops in the nation among departments with 51-100 officers by the North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors.

Hey, so what if it doesn't have the name recognition of Vogue or GQ? An award is an award.

"Pretty much not surprised," said Wylie PD public information officer Donna Valdepena. "We worked real hard on these uniforms and I think we look pretty good."

The new duds combine style and practicality. NAUMD says the uniform "Demands respect and is the epitome of command presence."

"The pants look like regular pants, but they have pockets on the side," said Valdepena. "This makes it easier for carry an extra flashlight or handcuffs, whatever you might need."

It's good to cops to stay with the times. Just look at the Brits and their funny hats to see what happens when you stick too close to tradition.

But in all seriousness, police know that their uniform is a lot more than just a set of clothes and a badge.

"This uniform is not something that you just put on," Valdepena said. "It's something that is earned and I think most police offers are very prideful when it comes to their uniform."

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