National Geographic announces its 2015 Top Tours of a Lifetime

Nat Geo 2015 Top Tours of a Lifetime
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National Geographic announces its 2015 Top Tours of a Lifetime

Vail to Aspen Interconnect, Colorado
Paragon Guides

(Photo: Scott Rodgers via Getty)

Mighty Saint Lawrence, Canada
Adventure Canada

(Photo: Denis Jr. Tangney via Getty)

Day of the Dead: Michoacan, Mexico
Tia Stephanie Tours

(Photo: Miguel Tovar/LatinContent/Getty Images)

Portland to Missoula: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana
Trek Travel

(Photo via Getty)

Chicago and New Orleans Roundtrip: Illinois, Louisiana
Pullman Rail Journeys

(Photo via Getty)

Manatees' Ecosystem and Conservation, Florida
Oceanic Society

(Paul Cross/Miami Herald/MCT via Getty Images)

Cuba Family Vacation: Cultural Exchange, Cuba
Classic Journeys

(Photo: Elizabeth Pollaert Smith, Shutterstock)

Dalmatian Coast Hiking & Kayaking, Croatia
Boundless Journeys

(Photo via Getty)

Holland and Belgium Bike and Barge Amsterdam, The Netherlands
VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations 

(Photo: Diana Mayfield via Getty Images)

A Wine Lover's Journey Through Budapest, Vienna and Prague. Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic
Exeter International 

(Photo: David L. Ryan via Getty Images)

Bike Paths of Lake Garda and Veneto - A Sightseer Tour, Italy

(Photo: Roger Coulam via Getty Images)

Compelling Corsica- Sea Kayaking and Mountain Hiking, France
ROW Sea Kayak Adventures

(Photo: Shutterstock)

Blazing Saddles Family Adventure, Portugal
KE Adventure Travel 

(Photo: Sam Bloomberg-Rissman/Eddy Joaquim via Getty Images)

Wildlife for Beginners, Scotland
Speyside Wildlife

(Photo via Alamy)

Switzerland E-Biking, Switzerland
Butterfield and Robinson

(Photo: Rob Penn via Getty Images)

Wolf Tracking in Winter, Sweden

(Photo: Peter Lilja via Getty Images)

Greenland Traditional Dogsled Expedition, Greenland           WANT Expeditions 

(Photo via Alamy)

Georgia's Food, Wine & Culture, Republic of Georgia              Great Canadian Travel Company 

(Photo via Getty)

Budapest to Krakow Walk, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland            Freewheeling Adventures

(Photo: Shutterstock)

Mountain Biking Safari in Namibia, Namibia                             H&I Adventures 

(Photo: Images of Africa Photobank/Alamy)

Malawi Service and Safari, Malawi                                           Elevate Destinations 

(Photo: Penny Tweedie via Getty Images)

Ancient Kingdoms of Sudan, Sudan                                        Mountain Travel Sobek

(Photo via Getty)

Namibia: Secrets Revealed, Namibia                                      Africa Adventure Consultants 

(Photo: Manuel Romaras, Getty)

The Great Serengeti Traverse, Tanzania                                Mark Thornton Safaris 

(Photo via Getty)

Sourcing the Perfect Cup: A Coffee Connoisseur's Tour, Kenya, Tanzania
Micato Safaris 

(Photo: Nigel Cattlin/Alamy)

Mobile Walking Safari, Zambia                                                Robin Pope Safaris

(Photo: Shutterstock)

Ibo Island Dhow Safari, Mozambique                                      CW Safaris 

(Photo: Julian Love via Getty Images)

Algerian Colours, Algeria                                                        Wild Frontiers 

(Photo via Getty)

South Africa Ultimate Adventure, South Africa                       REI Adventures

(Photo via Getty Images)

Myanmar and Southern China: Places Unexplored, China, Myanmar                                                                                Global Basecamps

(Photo: Shutterstock)

Persia Past and Present, Iran                                                   Journeys International 

(Photo: David Stanley via Getty Images)

Snow Leopards - Snow Mountains Fundraising Trek, India      Hidden Places Travel 

(Photo: Thomas Kitchin & Victoria Hurst via Getty Images)

Gujarat: The Land of Legends, Culture & Crafts, India           Immersion Journeys

(Photo: Christian Goupi via Getty Images)

Komodo Snorkeling Expedition, Indonesia                               Wilderness Travel 

(Photo: Shutterstock) 

Kyoto and Beyond by Bike, Japan                                          Explore!

(Photo: Claire Takacs via Getty Images)

Cruising the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, South Korea        Tauck

(Photo: Shutterstock)

Laos with a Heart, Laos                                                           Myths and Mountains

(Photo: David Coleman/Alamy)

Wrangel Island: Across the Top of the World, Russia
Heritage Expeditions

(Photo: Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Istanbul - Bangkok via Burma: Turkey, Georgia, Azeraijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Myanmar, Thailand

(Photo via Getty)

Vietnam's UNESCO Discovery, Vietnam
Audley Travel

(Photo via Getty)

The 'Other' Sydney, Rock & Reef, Australia
EverGreen Escapes International

(Photo: Rebecca Hallsmith, Alamy)

Ultimate South Island Adventure: Rimu, New Zealand
Active Adventures New Zealand

(Photo via Getty)

Fiji Sea Kayak Adventure, Fiji
Southern Sea Ventures

(Photo via Getty)

Argentina Vision and Vine, Argentina
Ciclismo Classico

(Photo via Alamy)

Quyllur Rit'i Trip, Peru
Aspiring Adventures

(Photo: Mark Green, Alamy)

Lionfish Dive, Belize
Blue Ventures Expeditions

(Photo via Getty)

Undiscovered Brazil, Brazil
Adventure Life

(Photo via Getty)

Volunteer with Children in Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Global Vision International

(Photo: Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Bogota to Santander Biking Adventure, Colombia
Colombia Adventure

(Photo: Christian Kober, Alamy)

Amazon Kayaking Trip, Ecuador
Tofino Expeditions

(Photo: Pablo Cozzaglio, AFP/Getty Images)

India by Rail Photo Expedition, India
National Geographic

(Photo via Getty)

Mysteries of Prehistoric Ireland and England: Ireland, England
National Geographic

(Photo via Getty)

Fiji to Cook Islands: Polynesian Discovery: Fiji, Tonga, Niue, Cook Islands
National Geographic

(Photo via Getty)

The Human Journey: Tracing Legendary Peoples & Sacred Places, Worldwide
National Geographic

(Photo via Getty)

Australia Family Adventure, Australia
National Geographic

(Photo via Getty)


Looking for vacation ideas? National Geographic released its annual list of the Top Tours of a Lifetime, which highlights the best guided trips around the world. Okay, so doing ALL of these trips would take quite a few years and a whole lot of money, but the slideshow above is a great way to spark your wanderlust.

National Geographic editors chose 50 expeditions as the best in their class, plus added another five journeys from the company's own guided adventures. Immersive, authentic travel experiences top the list: "In the ten years we've curated our annual roundup of the best guided trips, sustainable tours that reflect the National Geographic Society's mission to inspire, illuminate, and teach have proliferated," write the editors.

Which of these trips would you like to do? Add your favorites in the comments!

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