Kelsey Grammer opens up about 1975 murder of his sister

Kelsey Grammer Opens Up About 1975 Murder Of His Sister
Kelsey Grammer Opens Up About 1975 Murder Of His Sister

Kelsey Grammer, 60, recently sat down with Vanity Fair and opened up about a very dark, extremely painful side of his life: dealing with the 1975 murder of his sister. Karen Grammer was only 18 when she was abducted, raped and stabbed to death in Colorado by a man named Freddie Glenn."[But] I believe the gift of life and freedom he took from my sister precludes him from ever being allowed to enjoy that gift for himself. He took her future from her with no regard for her whatsoever. He assumed he had a right to do so. He assumed she was his property, and that the precious gift God gave her was his to take," Grammer said of his sister's killer.

At both of Glenn's appeal hearings in 2009 and again in 2014, Grammer pleaded to the court on his late sister's behalf. The appeals were denied.

During a 2009 parole hearing, The Denver Post reported that Glenn said he was sorry. "I apologize for my participation in something so terrible. I am sincerely and truly remorseful." At a hearing last year, Grammer told his sister's killer that he forgave him.

The death of Karen is just one terrible story in a string of tragedies throughout Grammer's life, but the actor manages to keep perspective. "For every story you hear that's tragic, there's another that's equally tragic or more so. I think you come to look at it as part of life," he told Vanity Fair.

Kelsey Grammer is currently starring on Broadway in the stage adaptation of Finding Neverland.

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