How young is too young for a cellphone?

How Young Is Too Young For A Cellphone?
How Young Is Too Young For A Cellphone?

When it comes to getting your child a cellphone, there are several factors that come into play. Are they responsible enough to have one? Do they really need one? And possibly, the most deal breaking factor -- are they old enough?

When the time comes to make that momentous decision, what age do you envision as reasonable? Some people would say twelve, some would say fifteen -- and then there's the majority of parents, who would say the surprising age of six years old!

That's right -- according to a new study from Child Guide Magazine, the average American child has their first cell at age six! While some parents may argue this is far too young, thirty-one percent of parents say they got their little pride and joy a cell phone so young for security reasons, while another twenty-five percent said its strictly for security.

In fact, ninety-six percent of parents said the device children own most is a cellphone.

So, the question remains -- what age IS too young for a cell?

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