Chris Hemsworth confronts the 'Thor' wax figure that looks nothing like him

Chris Hemsworth's Wax Figure Fail
Chris Hemsworth's Wax Figure Fail

Can you tell which one is the actor, and which is the wax? Just kidding -- that's a silly question because of course you can.

Chris Hemsworth was in Los Angeles for the premiere of Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, where the 31-year-old actor seemed suspicious of the wax figure purporting to be his Marvel character, Thor.

The figure has impossibly blonde hair that looks more like glam rock's take on The Rachel than it does Thor. You'll notice Hemsworth's hair is actually a bit darker and messier, especially in the newest film.


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Now, we're not coming down on Madam Tussaud's. What they do is harder than anything we'll ever do, and sometimes they knock it out of the park (like with this honest-to-God replica of Benedict Cumberbatch), but this wax just doesn't hold a candle to the God of Thunder himself.


But since it was good enough for Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza at the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere last July, maybe we should all just stop complaining.

Sorry Chris! You're just too hot for wax!

Now, watch Hemsworth talk about his recent "trip from Hell" with his three young kids.

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