Too good to be true? Beer that makes you look younger


It is finally here ... beer that makes you look better, younger even. This is contrary to everything I know about the beverage. In college, it was responsible for the bloated face and the freshman 15. Now, it is responsible for the occasional swollen eyes and the hard to loose last 5. Over the years, it has been blamed for more than a few poor decisions and a couple of kids. Now, they are telling me it has a chance to redeem itself. After all we've been through together, beer is going to make me look younger! You go, beer!

I wish that were true, but I'm skeptical.

The Japanese brewery Suntory, released a beer called "Precious" that contains 2 grams of collagen per can. Collagen is a protein found in the connective tissue of our bodies; the bones, tendons, muscles and skin. It literally holds things together.

We hear about it a lot today as a beauty issue and product. Why do you get wrinkles and sagging? Your skin loses collagen as you age, especially after the age of 40, and these changes, we all resent and want to reverse, are the result. In response, companies have added to collagen to anti-aging lotions, dermatologists use collagen in fillers, and laser therapy aims at boosting our natural collagen production. Poorly advised actresses overdo it with the collagen to create swollen, pouty lips.

Can ingesting it directly provide benefit? Japanese women seem to think so. Reportedly, they are buying collagen supplements by the bucketful. The science says otherwise. Collagen is broken down after you eat it, and is not in any form the skin can use to revitalize itself. Lotions with collagen don't seem to work either, by the way. The molecules are too big to be absorbed.

Sorry! I wanted it to be true too! Beer, I will just have to continue to love you with all your flaws.

For more foods that help take the years off, watch the video below:

5 Foods That Take The Years Off

Check out the gallery below for the top 50 places to get local beer in the U.S.:
50 places for local beer in 50 states
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Too good to be true? Beer that makes you look younger

Alabama: Avondale Brewing Company, Birmingham

Located in a former fire station, pharmacy, bank and brothel, the building now houses a taproom serving 16 beers.

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Alaska: Haines Brewing Company, Haines

Located where the movie White Fang was set, this brewery's Black Fang (an 8 percent ABV Russian Imperial Stout) has a delicious bite of coffee and cocoa.

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Arizona: Arizona Room, Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Pilsner tastes better when swigged while staring out at the canyon itself.

Photo: Mladen Antonov, AFP/Getty

Arkansas: Stone's Throw Brewing, Little Rock

Its eight taps feature its own beers as well as other local ones. Food trucks also stop by regularly.

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Colorado: Vine Street Pub, Denver

The Java Porter made in house is delicious. But bring cash though, these hippies don't take credit.

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Connecticut: Firefly Hollow Brewery, Bristol

Toadstool Oat Stout. Toadstool Oat Stout. Toadstool Oat Stout.

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District of Columbia: Bier Baron Tavern

In the former home of D.C. landmark bar the Brickskeller, its 600 varieties of bottled beers include many local options, like DC Brau's The Citizen and The Public.

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Florida: A1A Ale Works, St. Augustine

Both the downstairs pub and upstairs restaurant offer a great atmosphere for drinking one of its beers, like the Bridge of Lions Brown Ale. The upstairs balcony has a beautiful view of the city, bridge and waterway.

Photo: David Osborn, Alamy

Georgia: SweetWater Brewing Company, Atlanta

Not only is SweetWater one of the best and most unique beers in the South, its microbrewery is also one of the best places to enjoy a beer. Take the tour and for just $10, you get six tasting tickets to try out the different beers -- plus you get to keep your pint glass. There's also live outdoor music a few times a week. Try the SweetWater Blue ale, which is "light-bodied with a hint of blueberries."

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Hawaii: Uncle George's Lounge, Volcano

Sip a Longboard Lager (or other Kona Brewing Co. beer) while you watch the orange glow of the Halemaumau Crater in Volcanoes National Park.

Photo credit: dolanh/Flickr

Idaho: Salmon River Brewery, McCall

One of the four flagships beers at this family-friendly brewery/restaurant near the resort town's lake, Udaho Gold, goes great with BBQ.

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Illinois: Signature Lounge, Chicago

This lounge on the 96th floor of the John Hancock building has a selection of local beer, including Goose Island and Two Brothers, and comes with an expansive local view too.

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Indiana: Sun King Brewing, Indianapolis

For a little local flavor, head to this craft brewery around lunch time on a Friday to sample its beers (especially the Sunlight Cream Ale) and chat up locals filling their growlers.

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Iowa: Peace Tree Brewing Company, Knoxville

The brewery's previous life as a Nash Rambler car dealership is commemorated in its Red Rambler Ale. It's deep red, malty and available all year long.

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Kansas: Wichita Brewing Company & Pizzeria, Wichita

Order a Valleyview Vanilla Porter, brewed on-site, either with a pizza or for dessert.

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Kentucky: Against the Grain, Louisville

Located at Louisville Slugger Field, home of the AAA Bats, AtG's beers stand out for their flavor and names. Citra Wet Ass Down, Judas Yeast and Pepperation H are home runs on both counts.

Photo: Josh Noel/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty

Louisiana: Abita, Abita Springs

These guys were doing it in Louisiana before craft beer was a thing. Great beer and a nice tasting room and pub less than an hour's drive from New Orleans.

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Maine: Allagash Brewing, Portland

These beers impress with their Belgian-style amazingness. Get a saison and take a tour of the Portland brewery, you won't be disappointed.

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Maryland: Alewife, Baltimore

The draft list at this beer den changes daily, with 40 drafts and 100 bottles that include a range of local crafts. It's a short walk from Camden Yards, so on game days the historic joint turns into a packed sports bar.

Photo credit: Joel Abroad/Flickr

Michigan: Atwater Brewery, Detroit

Located in the Rivertown district and housed in a 1919 factory warehouse, Atwater brews its own German-style lagers and American ales.

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Minnesota: Fulton, Minneapolis

Drink a Fulton on the brewery's patio in the cool North Loop hood. You can see Target Field and hear the roar of the crowd on game day.

Photo: Alamy

Mississippi: Taylor Grocery, Taylor

Just beyond Oxford, Taylor Grocery is a classic BYOB spot in the Ole Miss area. You can listen to live blues or bluegrass and drink a beer (from a plastic cup -- no cans) on the front porch while you wait to get a seat at the restaurant.

Photo: Mike Ransdell/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty

Montana: Big Sky Brewing, Missoula

Its Moose Drool Brown Ale is one of the state's best-known exports.

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Nebraska: Nebraska Brewing Company, Papillion

Its Reserve Series are aged in barrels to add notes of Chardonnay, whiskey and brandy.

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Nevada: Great Basin Brewery, Reno

Nicknamed Icky, its Ichthyosaur India Pale Ale is anything but. (It's actually named after the state's official fossil.)

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New Hampshire: Smutty Nose, Portsmouth

These guys know how to please. Their pumpkin beer is one of the best around. Pay them a visit in Portsmouth and take a tour -- live free or die.

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New Jersey: J.J. Bitting Brewing Company, Woodbridge

You'll find consistently good beer, with a lot of seasonal offerings, and its outdoor deck is a draw in the summer.

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New Mexico: Eske's, Taos

Drink green chile beer in a pub that's also a century-old adobe home.

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New York: Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn

Sure, you can now find its beer many places, but it may just taste even better when purchased with a token at its public house.

Photo: Mario Tama, Getty

North Carolina: Wicked Weed, Asheville

It's a "best of" in a city already known for awesome beer. This relatively new brewery has taken Asheville by storm as it combines things that didn't exist together there: great beer, high-end bar food and a huge space with various seating options. Try the Freak of Nature Double IPA.

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Oklahoma: TapWerks Ale House, Oklahoma City

Its 212 beers on tap and more than 100 in bottles include many local brews that are more than just OK.

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Oregon: Rogue Brewery, Portland

See why this brewer's success has gone national.

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Pennsylvania: Percy Street BBQ, Philadelphia

Known for tasty brisket, mint juleps, root beer floats -- and canned craft beer. During the holiday season it has a Christmas tree made out of beer cans.

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Rhode Island: Newport Storm, Newport

This is Rhode Island's brewery. Its Spring Irish Red is to die for.

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South Carolina: Holy City Brewing, North Charleston

You might want to pack a few empty growlers in your suitcase to bring home some of its Pluff Mud Porter.

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South Dakota: Monks House Of Ale Repute, Sioux Falls

Um, did you read the name of this place? it boasts the "largest beer selection in the area." Its 40 beers on tap and more than 150 in bottle, include South Dakota's popular Crow Peak.

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Texas: Barcadia, Dallas

A local favorite in the charming Lower Greenville neighborhood, its menu is shockingly tasty for a bar that houses Skee-Ball and Donkey Kong. Enjoy Dallas's warm nights with a local draft and a serious game of Jenga on the large open patio.

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Utah: Beerhive Pub, Salt Lake City

The classic pub downtown has a huge selection of beers, both local and from around the world. Also, it has a ice bar.

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Vermont: Blackback Pub & Flyshop, Waterbury

Located in the same town as Alchemist Brewery it has a great selection of local beers, including Heady Topper and brews from Hill Farmstead Brewery.

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Virginia: Lost Rhino, Ashburn

The head brewer here has a fun backstory -- he is also a PhD biologist at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Bonus: it's right down the road from AOL's Dulles, VA office.

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Washington: Redhook Brewery, Woodinville

About 30 minutes from Seattle, the Redhook tour and brewpub is worth the trip, but this is also in the middle of Washington's wine tasting rooms. Run by Redhook at noon, sign up for an afternoon tour, go wine tasting for a few hours, then come back for the tour followed by dinner at the brewery's restaurant, Forecasters Pub.

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West Virginia: Mecklenburg Inn, Shepherdstown

Sit at the bar or out back in the garden. Either way, you'll be enjoying your time in the oldest town in WV, while taking in the area's rich history.

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Wisconsin: Karben4 Brewery, Madison

We may be thawing out, but this brewery's Deep Winter: Coffee Stout is still a must-drink.

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Wyoming: Thai Me Up, Jackson

Drink one of its 20 craft beers on tap while watching a kung fu movie on TV (is it a surprise that this brewery is the creation of a former ski bum?).

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