Over 100 Spokane, Washington, students pulled from school over vaccination records

Spokane Students Pulled From School Over Vaccination Records
Spokane Students Pulled From School Over Vaccination Records

On Monday, the public school district in Spokane, Washington, pulled more than 100 students out of class whose parents couldn't provide current vaccine records.

The district warned parents in February this would happen and is providing free clinics throughout the week for students to get vaccines.

Although Washington state law requires parents who have kids in public schools to provide documentation of their children's immunization status, it doesn't require them all to be vaccinated.

It provides exemptions on medical, personal, philosophical and religious grounds. Some parents even handed out exemption forms at the vaccination clinics.

For students who weren't in compliance, the district imposed a temporary 10-day expulsion, after which each situation would be decided on a case-by-case basis.

KXLY reports on Sunday, more than 900 students weren't in compliance, but that number had dropped to about 550 by Monday afternoon.

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