Mysterious radio signals turn out to be microwaves

Mysterious Radio Signals Turn Out To Be Microwaves
Mysterious Radio Signals Turn Out To Be Microwaves

Microwaves might be the answer to your lazy dinner habits, but now they've been confirmed as the source of mysterious radio signals in Australia.

A study from Australia's Swinburne University of Technology finds that microwave ovens are the source of intense bursts of radio waves at the country's Parkes Observatory.

Astronomers at the site had been confused since the 1990s about the source of waves known as perytons that appeared to be coming from deep space.

But, these perytons had a source closer to earth. To find out where, scientists installed a real-time radio interference monitor to see where the signals were coming from, and identified that they could be caused by microwave ovens.

The team then tested their hypothesis, and found the perytons were released by opening a microwave before the signal went off.

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