Kumbhalgarh Fort: the Great Wall of India?

Kumbhalgarh Fort: Great Wall of India?
Kumbhalgarh Fort: Great Wall of India?

You're probably familiar with China's "great wall," but did you know there's another one in India?

At almost 4,000 miles long, the Great Wall of China is so massive it can be seen from space. It also receives more than 10 million visitors a year. If you prefer smaller crowds and wandering off the beaten path, the Great Wall of India -- the second longest in the world -- might be for you.

Even though it's a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Kumbhalgarh Fort in western India is virtually a secret to tourists and Indians alike. The 22-mile long wall, which protects a massive hilltop fort and houses 360 temples, took a century to build.

The hike to the fort is steep, but the views of the mountainous Rajasthan landscape are stunning -- and something most people don't see. There's also a wildlife sanctuary for leopards, jackals and other animals near the fort.

Photos of the Great Wall of India

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