Jimmy Kimmel addresses Dennis Quaid freak-out video

Dennis Quaid's Angry On-Set Outburst Caught On Camera, But Is It a Joke?
Dennis Quaid's Angry On-Set Outburst Caught On Camera, But Is It a Joke?

Jimmy Kimmel has established himself as a prank master and a brilliant manipulator of viral Internet sensations. So when a cell-phone video of actor Dennis Quaid freaking out on-set started making the rounds online, it didn't take long for people to start pointing an accusatory finger at Kimmel.

On his show Tuesday night, Kimmel addressed the speculation that he was behind the clip, and that it was part of a bit for his show.

"I watched it a bunch of times last night - and when I woke up this morning - I was being blamed for it," Kimmel joked.

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On April 10, a 43-second video of Quaid's profanity filled tirade hit YouTube. In the video, Quaid can be seen screaming, "I am acting here, and this dickhead wanders onto my set! I can't even get a line out until Dopey the Dick starts whispering in your ear, and you're not even watching anymore."

Quaid, who also said, "This is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on," referred to his co-workers as "zombies" and "pu**ies."

Soon after the video went viral a commenter on Reddit claimed the clip was part of a sketch for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which many felt made a lot of sense, given Kimmel's history of intricate practical jokes.

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"There are two dozen articles – and thousands of comments online – suggesting that this is a prank – and I am responsible for it," Kimmel said during his show. "And I have to say – that's disappointing. You play like 50 pranks and all of a sudden people don't trust you anymore."

Kimmel made several jokes about the video -- especially surrounding Quaid's comment calling one of his co-worker "Dopey the Dick," joking that it would be a great name for a children's book -- however Kimmel never expressly denied or confirmed the rumors that he was involved.

ET reached out to Quaid's agent, who declined to comment.

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After the release of Quaid's on-set meltdown, it was announced that the 61-year-old actor would be starring in The Art of More, a new drama for Crackle that explores "the underbelly and surprisingly cutthroat world of premium auction houses."

Speaking of pranks ... Rihanna showed Kimmel how it was done on April Fools' Day:

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