Invasive lizards in Florida are eating cats

Invasive Lizards in Florida Are Eating People's Cats
Invasive Lizards in Florida Are Eating People's Cats

Florida has a big lizard problem. Between lion fish and Burmese pythons, Florida has a lot of invasive species problems -- and the newest is massive Nile Monitor Lizards.

Nile Monitor Lizards can grow to be almost 6 feet in length and weigh 33 pounds. They're mostly found in Northern Africa, but some households take them in as pets.

The "pets" are often let loose after getting too big, so they wind up on the streets. But that's not the only problem -- they start eating things, like neighbors' cats.

While Florida could look the other way if the lizards were just eating mosquitos or oranges, missing cats poses a larger problem. The lizards actually eat a little bit of everything, which is not a good sign for local wildlife.

Florida's Fish and Wildlife Agency is searching for the lizards and is going to take them right out of the equation.

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