Father of 'Success Kid' in need of kidney transplant

Father Of 'Success Kid' In Need Of Kidney Transplant
Father Of 'Success Kid' In Need Of Kidney Transplant

You may not know Sammy Griner by name, but his face has become a familiar one among many Internet users. He's featured in a variety of triumph-related memes, a role that has earned him the nickname 'Success Kid.'

It has come to light that his father, Justin, is suffering from kidney failure and will eventually need a kidney transplant.

Sammy's mother has started a GoFundMe page to help cover the surgical and treatment costs.

The goal amount is listed at 75 thousand dollars. That's the sum needed for the transplant, medication and dialysis not being paid by Medicare. Some of the uncovered medications run thousands of dollars a month and must be taken for a lifetime. Medicare only offers assistance for the first 3 months.

The family is already suffering financially as dialysis has rendered Justin unable to work.

Also being sought through the GoFundMe campaign are potential live kidney donors, as Justin is not yet on the official list.

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