'Connected' Episode 7: 'Tearing down walls'

Connected S1:E7  Tearing Down Walls
Connected S1:E7 Tearing Down Walls

Weddings are meant to be a happy union, but some choices can drive families apart. "Connected" cast member Nina Ferrer learned how true this can be when she and her now husband Stefano decided to elope sans relatives in France.

"Stefano and I were engaged in June, married in August. We eloped, and it was two people in Paris," she tells the camera in the seventh episode of the AOL docu-series (at the thirteen minute mark). "We told my mom and she was very excited. But Stefano was deathly afraid to tell his family. He kept it a secret from them. He just wanted to go and enjoy it, and he didn't want them to ruin it for him."

The new couple wanted to have a celebration with their families after they returned, but emotions were still too bitter over their choice to elope. "His mother was furious that we got married and they weren't invited. It lasted a really long time, their gripe with us. And they didn't speak to us for three months."

Now with a baby on the way, Ferrer was anxious that their families would meet for the first time at her shower. "His family has yet to meet my family," she says. "My mother has offered his mother not once, twice, for her to meet, for them to meet. But she's refused. The baby shower is the first time that the families are meeting."

But in the end, the shower (which occurs sixteen minutes into the episode) was a happy occasion that helped bridge the divide. In a toast to her guests, Nina tears up as she tells her family, "I feel very blessed to have so many women that love me. I feel like I have many, many mothers, and I hope that my child is as blessed."

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