'Connected' Episode 5: 'Divorce is the new Chanel'

Connected S1:E5  Divorce Is the New Chanel
Connected S1:E5 Divorce Is the New Chanel

"Current romantic interest" is probably at the top of the list of people you don't want to meet on the way to your divorce signing with your soon-to-be ex. But "Connected" cast member Jonathan Bricklin shows us what that scenario looks like in the unscripted AOL docu-series.

The fifth episode of "Connected" touches on the emotional stew of past marriages. Viewers find out that Bricklin, who was dating actress Susan Sarandon at the time of the project and is joined by her in various scenes, also has a wife.

After nine years of marriage, seven of which they were separated but remained friends, Bricklin and his wife Stephanie decided to officially call it quits. At almost five minutes into the episode, you can watch their awkward chance encounter with Sarandon on the street as Jonathan and Stephanie head over to their divorce signing.

"Susan is walking down the street," he tells Stephanie when he gets off the phone with Sarandon.

After giving them both a hug, the actress jokes that the pair should commemorate the moment by putting a glass together, in reference to the Jewish tradition of breaking glass at the end of a wedding ceremony.

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