Before and after: Selfie with Google car shows up on street view months later

Man Uses Google Maps to Take Incredible Selfie

By Q13 FOX News Staff

A Canadian man is finally getting his moment in the spotlight.

Nasr Bitar spotted a Google Maps Street View car on the streets of Mississauga, Ontario.

"I was driving home when I saw the Google car drive towards me," he told PetaPixel. "I had never seen one before, and it took me a few minutes to realize that it is the Google car and it was my time to shine."

So Nasr parked his car in a neighborhood and waited for the car to drive by. When it did, he snapped a selfie with the Google car in the background.

A few weeks ago, he was using Google Maps and noticed the street views had been updated.

And sure enough, there he was on street view taking that selfie.

Nasr shared the before and after photos on Instagram.

Here are some more odd moments captured on Google Maps Street View:

Fun/Weird things captured on Google Street View
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Before and after: Selfie with Google car shows up on street view months later

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A dog walker with quite some talent.


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(photo: Google Maps)

A perfectly timed capture of a lightning strike in Romania.


A lonely Pooh bear in the streets of Norway.



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