The cheapest vacation you'll ever take: 10 memorable camping trips


There may be no better way to relax and recharge than a camping trip. You can disconnect from your digital devices and replace time spent browsing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with up-close wildlife encounters in the great outdoors. But before you reach for your sleeping bag, you'll want to ensure you pick a place that maximizes comfort and cleanliness amid the scenery.

That's where U.S. News comes in. We've searched far and wide to find epic campgrounds, from steeped-in-the-wild eco campsites in Chilean Patagonia to family-friendly grounds in Yosemite. Whether you want to stargaze around a crackling fire, get your heart racing with exhilarating treks or simply soak up the scenery, there's a place for you on this list. Best of all, you'll form lifelong memories without breaking the bank: Campsite rates start as low as $15 a night.

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