Woman with prosthetic leg 'flattered' by note about misuse of handicap parking spot

Woman With Prosthetic 'Flattered' By Accusation Of Misuse Of Handicapped Space

Due to having a prosthetic leg, Natasha Hope-Simpson of Nova Scotia often uses a handicapped parking spot near where she works.

Not long ago, however, she found that someone had left a nasty and threatening note on her windshield.

The unknown person who wrote it said that they had video of her walking away after leaving her car in the space, something she should be ashamed of as she's clearly not handicapped.

Further, they threatened to contact police if she didn't stop doing it.

Woman flattered by accusation over handicapped space
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Woman with prosthetic leg 'flattered' by note about misuse of handicap parking spot
Natasha was a little flattered that this concerned #Dalhousie employee didn't notice her leg prosthetic. #citizencop http://t.co/nStw3YS7Mh
Driver with prosthetic leg gets note saying she 'should be ashamed' for using accessible spot http://t.co/5C6mrN3abD http://t.co/GXWC3DZdIP
Parking note tells woman with prosthetic leg she 'should be ashamed' via @cbcns http://t.co/WlX2WKodTF http://t.co/qLuYZTGz7A

Hope-Simpson, who has a handicapped parking permit on her vehicle, said that rather than being angered by the letter, she was a bit flattered by it.

She takes it as an indication that she's learned how to walk normally since the 2013 hit and run that left her using a prosthetic, including the decorative one she helped to design.

As an artist, she embraced the loss as an opportunity to incorporate sculpture into her own body.

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