The world's most and least religious countries

The World's Most And Least Religious Countries
The World's Most And Least Religious Countries

The people at WIN/Gallup International questioned a significant chunk of the world, and found that overall our planet is quite a religious place.

Over 60 percent of the individuals polled identified themselves as such.

Of the 65 countries that did fall under the poll's purview, Thailand emerged as the most religious, with 94% of its citizens saying they considered themselves so.

Just a percentage point behind it were Armenia, Bangladesh, Georgia and Morocco.

On the opposite end of the spectrum was China, where only 6 in 100 strongly identified with a faith.

Also occupying the lower spaces in the poll results were Japan, Sweden, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

The United States fell in the middle, with 56 percent of Americans saying they are religious people.

Worldwide faith was found to be more common among younger people than those in the higher age groups.

Also revealed by the poll were a number of socio-economic factors that appeared tied to one's spiritual affiliations.

Both wealthier and more educated individuals reported lower levels of religious identity.

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