Some Chambersburg, Pa. residents say they're being shamed by the borough into mowing their lawns

Residents Say Town Is Shaming Them Into Mowing Their Lawns
Residents Say Town Is Shaming Them Into Mowing Their Lawns

WPMT -- If you live in Chambersburg, Pa., and your grass is growing higher than 10 inches, the borough will place a sign on your lawn that says you're violating the law. "The sign, which is 18 by 20 inches, the standard size of a political sign, which we place on the property then everybody knows yes it's been reported and yes it will get mowed," said Borough Council President Allen Coffman.

Once the sign goes up you have five days to cut the grass. If you don't then the borough will cut it for you at a much higher cost. "You could conceivably end up with a mowing bill that could be several hundred dollars to mow a residential lot," said Coffman. The law that says your grass has to be ten inches or lower has been around since 1976. But this is the first year that borough officials are using the signs.

Some neighbors say they feel like the signs are meant to shame residents into cutting their grass. Chambersburg resident William Woods said, "I'm against that. You've got people that are just trying to make it out there."

Another resident, Susie Johnson, said, "They shouldn't charge the elderly because we're not working, we're living on a pension and it's kind of hard to pay someone to do anything now a days."

However some people we spoke with said cutting your grass and keeping it nice is your responsibility as a homeowner. "You're living there so why wouldn't you want to take pride in your property and where you live? So I only think it's right that you should take care of it," said Sue Eaken. The borough has ordered 500 signs. With the grass growing by the day you could see them sooner than you think.

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