Sea lion pup apprehended by police for school trespassing

Sea Lion Pup Apprehended by Police for School Trespassing
Sea Lion Pup Apprehended by Police for School Trespassing

By: Jen Markham

An unauthorized individual was apprehended and put in the back of a sheriff's car for trespassing at a California public school.

No alarm was activated, unless you count this sound everyone made: "Aww!"

Staff at Mar Vista High School called San Diego County Sheriff's deputies when they spotted this little guy: A baby sea lion that had apparently gotten lost and waddled five blocks away from the beach and onto school property.

Deputies put the little lost pup into the back of their car while waiting for Sea World rescuers to arrive, and of course took some adorable pictures. How can you resist a little seal pup in the back of a police cruiser?

Although the pictures are priceless, the lost seal pup is actually an indication of the trouble the California coast's sea lion population is in.

Experts say warmer waters are driving away the fish sea lions usually feed on, so moms have to search longer and farther for food, leaving the hungry pups to wander off. In fact, Sea World says it has rescued more than 400 sea lions so far this year.

So, this isn't the first pup Sea World has rescued, but with the whole police car adventure, it's got to be the best story.

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