Prince George checks the china cabinet upon hearing his father is in China

Prince George Is Smart As A Whip And Super Cute
Prince George Is Smart As A Whip And Super Cute

For being just under two years old, Prince George is one smart royal.

This week, the Duchess of Cambridge sat down with a reporter from and shared just how fast the littlest Prince is growing. Prince George, who will turn two in July, is walking and talking. The Duchess explained that recently, when she told the toddler daddy was in China, he marched over to the China cabinet, inspected it and told his mum, "Daddy is not here."

Pretty impressive. BabyCenter says that by 21 months -- which is the same age as the Prince -- a typical toddler will be able to understand about 200 words and will use roughly 75. Words like dog, hot, ball ... you get the idea.

If you're a royal toddler, two of those words are China and cabinet.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are ready for baby number two any day now. Clarence House hasn't officially given the due date, but it's sometime this month. Whether the new baby will be a Prince or a Princess, no one knows -- not even the royal family. So you can only count on it being a surprise.

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