Judge Judy shows her softer side at Women of the 21st Century Awards

Hard-Nosed Judge Judy Shows Her Softer Side
Hard-Nosed Judge Judy Shows Her Softer Side

We're all plenty used to Judge Judy being the no-nonsense queen of daytime television telling people off left and right, but the celeb has a softer side that's just as fascinating.

Judge Judy has been laying down the law for everyone's amusement for almost 20 years, and she has become the highest-paid woman on television, raking in $47 million a year.

While walking the red carpet of the Women of the 21st Century Awards, the judge showed a softer side while talking to reporters, followed by her husband Jerry Sheindlin's extraordinarily honest (and at times, slightly saucy) input.

When Judge Judy said, "the only place I don't put up awards out in the open is in the bedroom," her husband quickly joked that she was totally wrong. "[She has] no awards? I just got an award last night. I don't understand this."

Easy there, your honor! Both Judge Judy and her husband -- also a judge -- were present to celebrate her being an honoree. Jerry Sheindlin is Judge Judy's second husband, and they have been married since 1997. Interestingly, they divorced in 1990, but re-married the following year.

While Judge Judy does spend most of her time behind the bench, she's been known to give some lively interviews when she's off work and in the public eye.

"I drive; I shop. ... If we're ever out of cherries for the martinis or bloody Mary mix, I run to the supermarket!" she said.

Judge Judy, AKA Judith Sheindlin, recently signed another contract with CBS for the legendary daytime court show. It runs through the year 2020.

Why Judge Judy Is Worth Her $47 Million Salary!
Why Judge Judy Is Worth Her $47 Million Salary!

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