Chimp Tushi turns drone-buster in Dutch Burgers' Zoo

Chimpanzee Hits Drone Out of Sky
Chimpanzee Hits Drone Out of Sky

ARNHEM, Netherlands (AP) - Beware! Chimp Tushi at the Dutch Burgers' Zoo is a real drone-buster.

When the zoo sent a drone over the chimpanzee enclosure for a better look at how their 14 apes live, the response was swift.

With the unfamiliar intruder coming close to them, 23-year-old female Tushi waited in a tree, gritted her teeth and with two whacks from a long branch, downed the drone. No sweat.

Zoo spokesman Bas Lukkenaar said on Tuesday that "we can write the drone off. It cost about 2,000 euros ($2,100). Then again, it doesn't surprise that Tushi did this. She is very handy with sticks."

With the camera still rolling on the ground Friday after Tushi's strike, the zoo got some close-up footage anyway - of chimps coming to inspect their kill.

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