Amber Tamblyn joins America Ferrera live on AOL BUILD

Amber Tamblyn LIVE on AOL BUILD with America Ferrera
Amber Tamblyn LIVE on AOL BUILD with America Ferrera

It's a mini "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" reunion!

Actor and author Amber Tamblyn is stopping by the AOL BUILD studios to chat with her "Sisterhood" costar, America Ferrera!

Tamblyn is an award-winning film and television actress and an acclaimed poet. Her newest venture is her book of poetry titled, "Dark Sparkler". The poetry explores the lives of actresses gone way before their time. Along with their stories, each subject is paired with an original piece of artwork from artists like Marilyn Manson and David Lynch. Aside from "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," you have also seen Tamblyn in a variety of other films and television shows such as "Django Unchained," "House M.D.," and most recently, "Two and a Half Men."

Ferrera has also been super busy. She will be producing and starring in a new comedy pilot for NBC titled "Superstore".

Amber Tamblyn will be interviewed by her friend, America Ferrera, on April 14 at 4 p.m. LIVE on AOL BUILD (above!), as well as on's Periscope. Don't forget to grab a copy of Tamblyn's book, "Dark Sparkler"!