World's largest indoor butterfly park opens in Dubai

Largest Indoor Butterfly Park Opens in Dubai
Largest Indoor Butterfly Park Opens in Dubai

Nature enthusiasts -- prepare to have your mind BLOWN.

Not only is the butterfly one of earth's most beautiful and delicate creatures -- but these vibrant, artistically-winged creatures now can be found in several indoor parks around the world.

Now, in typical Dubai fashion, all previous butterfly parks have been put to shame with the opening of the worlds largest indoor butterfly paradise!

Covering a total of 8,530 square feet and housing 15,000 butterflies -- it's truly heaven on earth for nature lovers everywhere.

Unsurprisingly, tourists and locals galore have flocked to the garden to see these gorgeous, astonishing creatures and the internet has been buzzing with their thoughts as well.

Check out some of the many tweets of people in awe of the amazing garden:

Clearly, there is some serious magic happening at this unbelievable garden!

Click through for pics of other historic garden exhibits:

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