Woman fired after accidentally texting insult about boss to her boss

Woman Fired After Mistakenly Texting Insult About Boss To Her Boss
Woman Fired After Mistakenly Texting Insult About Boss To Her Boss

An Australian woman is out of a job after accidentally sending a nasty text about her boss
... to her boss.According to The Sydney Morning Herald, office bookkeeper Louise Nesbitt was canned after six years of employment at a mineral exploration company in Perth because she described her employer using a derogatory term. In an incident that can only be described as "an office nightmare," Nesbitt thought she texted her daughter's boyfriend a message about her boss, Rob, whom she referred to as "a complete dick."

She added, "We know this already so please try your best not to tell him that regardless of how you feel the need."

Nesbitt quickly realized her mistake and frantically tried to apologize, saying in a string of text messages, "Rob, please delete without reading. I am so so so sorry. Xxx. That message came across so wrong. Rob ... that is not how I feel. My sense of humour is to exaggerate. It is so far out of context ... please forget it and just go on as normal."

Apparently Rob couldn't go on as normal, and he fired her. Nesbitt claimed she was unfairly dismissed but the nation's industrial tribune sided with her boss.

"To call a person a 'd***' is a derogatory term to describe an idiot or a fool," a Fair Work Commissioner stated in March. "The word 'complete' is used to convey the message that the person is, without exception, an idiot or a fool - they are nothing less than a 'd***.'"

The Fair Work Commission was satisfied with the reasoning behind Nesbitt's firing and dismissed her claim.

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