Watch this soldier surprise his family at a hockey game

Returning Soldier Shocks Parents at NHL Game But It Doesn't Go as Planned
Returning Soldier Shocks Parents at NHL Game But It Doesn't Go as Planned


The Urman family had the honor of dropping the ceremonial first puck at the Arizona Coyotes team's last home game of the season.

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While the thrill of being on the ice with your favorite team is exhilarating, nothing could top the surprise Etian and Ronit Urman had when their son, U.S. Army Sergeant Dan Urman, who has been serving in Afghanistan, surprised them right at center ice.

While Dan was supposed to walk down the red carpet and appear behind his parents to give them a grand surprise. His father, Etian, turned around and saw Dan walking on the carpet.

Etian ran toward him and give him a massive hug that resulted in the both of them falling on the ice.

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The crowd gave the family a standing ovation and Dan received a hero's welcome. Coyotes players and their opponents, Anaheim Ducks, shook the Sergeant's hands and thanked him for his service.

After Dan waved to the crowd, he joined his parents and they dropped the first puck.

Even though the Coyotes lost the game, for the Urman family, they had already won before the match even started.

Watch the entire priceless reunion below:

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