The 6 most outrageously inappropriate moments at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night

The Six Most Outrageously Inappropriate Moments at the MTV Movie Awards
The Six Most Outrageously Inappropriate Moments at the MTV Movie Awards

Comedian Amy Schumer hosted the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, and she brought a lot of energy, self-deprecation, and amazing Kevin Hart burns with her. She also made some pretty wildly risqué jokes and aired some outrageously inappropriate sketches.

VIDEO: Amy Schumer's Best Jokes (and One That Maybe Went Too Far) at the MTV Movie Awards

But Amy wasn't the only one getting raunchy at the awards show. Some of the nights' guests and presenters got a little dirty on their own. Here's a break-down of the night's six most inappropriate moments!

1. Amy Schumer Comes to the Movies Prepared

In one of the dirtiest sketches ever aired during an awards show, Amy and a number of other women discuss and compare what... items they've brought to accompany them into a screening of Fifty Shades of Grey or Magic Mike XXL. "I brought my Sonicare and my showerhead."

2. Amy Schumer's Drought Humor

Introducing the cast of Magic Mike XXL -- including Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer and Adam Rodriguez -- Amy joked about the California drought saying, "These four presenters are doing their part by making it rain in my Spanx. Lookin' at these guys, I'm the latest celebrity leak."

3. Dave Franco and Zac Efron Get Physical

When Dave and Zac won for Best Duo for their roles in Neighbors, the young stars got on stage decked out in their costumes from the film. The sketch they planned out ended up devolving into trying to hurt each other by just grabbing each other's junk, and it was pretty awkward.

4. Amy Schumer as a Superhero Is Super Sexual

Before Amy introduced the cast of Fantastic Four, she donned a black superhero outfit (clearly attached to some cables) and told the crowd, "I have two superpowers. One, I have no gag reflex, and two, I can fly," before she was lifted into the air.

She later added, "Obviously I can't fly, but guess how I convinced the crew to let me fly for no reason! Because the first superpower is real."

5. Mark Wahlberg's Innuendos Get Lost in Translation

When Mark presented with Jessie J, he took the opportunity to see if the British singer could explain some English slang, asking "Take it in the gary and the dirtbox. What does that mean?"

"I don't know if that's for this moment in time to discuss that," an awkward Jessie J asked, looking as if it was a legitimately unplanned question.

"'Is that a bad thing?" Mark asked. Turns out, it really is inappropriate.

6. Rebel Wilson Reveals a Bit Too Much About Her "Girl Power"

Rebel came out dressed in angel wings and made a joke about the time she accidentally showed her "girl power" to President Obama.

"By 'girl power,' I do mean vagina," Rebel added, before describing her "girl power" using Mexican food metaphors. Wow.

But even when the show wasn't being insanely dirty, it was still pretty racy. Like when Jennifer Lopez got Channing Tatum to show her some of his sexy dance moves. Check out the video below to see Channing show off his skills.