Man reunited with dog after tornado

Man Who Lost Wife, Home In Tornado Finds Missing Dog
Man Who Lost Wife, Home In Tornado Finds Missing Dog

An Illinois man is holding on to one of the only things he loved that survived a tornado that ripped through his town last week

Eight tornadoes hit northern and central Illinois on Thursday. The strongest storm stretched half a mile wide and hit Fairdale where two people were killed.

One of those people was Clem Schultz's wife, Geraldine. It took her, their home and their dog Missy who disappeared during the storm.

Clem spent days looking for Missy and even set up a Facebook page and a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of getting Missy back. It wasn't until Saturday that he got a call from police saying a utility worker spotted her in a field.

Clem's grandson told WMAQ volunteers had to chase Missy for more than 2 miles because she was still scared from the storm.

"She was really happy to see my grandfather and my grandfather was extremely happy to see her because it is basically all he has left after the storm and he hasn't let go of her since he got her."

Another Facebook page has also been set up to help families find their pets that went missing after the tornado like Missy.

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