Couple's baby name dispute launches online petition

Couple's Baby Name Dispute Launches Online Petition
Couple's Baby Name Dispute Launches Online Petition

A baby name dispute has one New York City couple battling like Spartans.

According to the New York Post, a married couple has been bickering back and forth about what to name their first born. Nicholas Soukeras wants to name his future son Spyridon after his father, as is the Greek tradition, but his wife prefers the traditional name Michael. So the father-to-be created an online petition in hopes of swaying his wife.

"The petition was really meant as a joke in the beginning," Nicholas told ABC News. "I've been having this name battle with my wife since before we were married. Now, we are fighting about it, not every night, but certainly very often as the due date grows closer. So I came up with the petition as a way to make her laugh and make some friends laugh."

The petition jokes that, since his wife is Belarusian, she isn't accustomed to sweet-sounding Greek names and she'll concede to the name if he gets enough signatures.

"I'll settle for 100,000," she told the New York Post. "This is an approximate population of my hometown [in Belarus]."

At this point Nicholas has 875 signatures, so with the baby due in about four months, he's going to need about 25,000 signatures per month to reach his goal. Even then, it's not guaranteed to happen. They still don't know whether his wife is having a boy or a girl.

According to his petition, if the first born is a girl he'll give up the naming right to his wife and he won't bring up Spyridon again in the future.

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