4-year-old child triggers lockdown at White House

Child Triggers Lockdown At White House
Child Triggers Lockdown At White House

The White House was put on lockdown Sunday -- but this time it wasn't because of a fence jumper, it was a four-year-old.A spokesperson for the Secret Service told CNN "4-year-old child climbed under (a) temporary bike rack along Pennsylvania Avenue. Child was fine and was safely reunited with parents."

Though the unnamed pre-schooler was never a real threat to the president, the innocent incident was enough to trigger a brief lockdown of his residence.

This wasn't the only lockdown in the nation's capital this weekend.

On Saturday a man shot himself dead in front of the U.S. Capitol Building, temporarily locking down the area during the final days of DC's popular Cherry Blossom Festival. Congress was not session, and the lockdown was lifted two hours later.

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